Test / Inspections

Mercury Elevator is a New York City certified testing and inspection agency. Many of our technicians are certified inspectors as well. We utilize state of the art technology to expedite test and inspection submittals.

When a new client comes to us with existing elevator violations, either due to the previous elevator company or for any other reason, we are able to research, process and assist with the removal of such violations.  Violation dismissals are given the highest priority to keep you from receiving fines and penalties.

With Mercury Elevator’s Maintenance Assurance Program you are able to minimize violations conditions.

mercury Elevator performs Category 1 & 5 elevator tests as well as dismissals

Reliable elevator inspection services can be hard to find, unless you already know about Mercury Elevator. We have a team of inspectors ready to give your elevator a full, in-depth evaluation. Don’t let your elevator lapse into a state of disarray, leaving it unusable or unreliable. Our experts know the requirement set in place for elevator code and will let you know what you need to do to meet those requirements. From there, it’s a simple matter of updating and improving your elevator unit, which our technicians are prepared to help you with in the areas of queens, manhattan, Bronx and Nassau county. Elevator inspection isn’t nearly the challenge it’s made out to be, when we have the means to evaluate and then remedy any problems you may be confronting.

With the security of elevators being as important as it is, there are specific requirements you are expected to meet. Outside of just safety matters, there are also matters of accessibility that you must deal with appropriately. If your elevator will be of use for passengers, you must have handicap access as well as a user-friendly interface. Luckily, we are well stocked in all of the parts you will need to fully repair or improve your elevator to ensure that it not only is safe for those using it, but that it meets disability standards.

Whether your elevator system is commercial or residential, the law requires regular inspections to ensure operator security. An elevator is a powerful machine, and your best bet is to team with a provider that will not only inspect your device in-depth, but will provide you with the means to make the repairs and upgrades your elevator requires.

Call us for expert elevator inspection services at 1-718-931-3193. We will work with you every step of the way.