Modernization Specialist

Mercury Elevator provides quoted repairs for any and all parts including: door operators, door detectors, valves, soft starters, cylinder replacements and cab modernizations.

We provide cosmetic upgrades to your elevator cab interiors so your elevator can look like new. Whether due to damage or to match a building renovation, we can help design an interior that will suit your needs.

Mercury Elevator can provide simple updating of controls, elevator cab interiors and fixtures or complete modernizations of the elevator equipment such as: new machines, motors, controllers, hoistway wiring, travelling cables, hoist ropes, addition of rope grippers, door operators, roller guides, governors, safeties, push-button fixtures, relocation of fixtures to comply with accessibility requirements, replacement of elevator cab panels to the latest styles and colors, replacement of elevator ceiling and lighting, installation of emergency telephone, handrail and bumper rails, re-cladding of existing elevator doors, front returns, kickplates and headers, etc.

Mercury Elevator can upgrade your elevator interior to keep up with the latest style trends. Upgrading the elevator cab is a cost effective method for maintaining tenant satisfaction. Mercury will work with the client to meet budget expectations while providing a new modern look to the cab interior.

Mercury Elevator will survey the condition of the existing elevator equipment and provide recommendations for upgrading the elevator system to improve the performance and reliability of the elevators to meet the clients’ performance levels. We work with the owners to deliver a smooth, customized modernization.

What is Proprietary Elevator Equipment?

The commonly accepted definition of Proprietary, related to products, is that they are produced under the exclusive legal right of the manufacturer, and that the manufacturer has no obligation to divulge any information about the product, its form or function to anyone unless it contractually agrees to do so.

While purchasing equipment of a proprietary nature may often have a lower initial purchase price than some non-proprietary competitors, the catch comes in the long term cost of product support and maintenance as you become a captive sales audience of the manufacturer. Your choices of service and parts on proprietary equipment can be limited and very costly.

Comparable non-proprietary equipment is frequently available, must conform to equally high government standards and safety regulations and provides a far more economical choice as a long term capital investment. Whenever possible, you should consider purchasing your equipment with non-proprietary components to broaden your maintenance options, lower your long term costs and reduce the chance of manufacturer induced product obsolescence.

When you purchase your new elevator equipment you should specify in your purchase agreement that the product contains no proprietary hardware or software and that current drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams, specialized tools, and software be in your possession and available for the use of your qualified maintenance personnel and/or any qualified third party service organization of your choosing and that all manufacturers change notices and service bulletins that apply to your product be delivered to you in a timely manner.

Northern Elevator Co. is qualified and proud to provide, install and service all non-proprietary equipment of any age. Fill out our form below. One of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

Why Modernize My Elevator?

Though a well-maintained elevator may last 20 or more years, eventually you will need to upgrade your major components or completely modernize your device. With careful planning, modernizing your elevator can be a strategic capital investment instead of an emergency situation.


  • Is your elevator near or beyond its expected life (built in the 1980s or earlier)? Most elevators that were built before 1980 have many safety systems missing, such as protection devices, redundancy circuits, lock monitoring capability, and fire service systems.
  • Does your elevator meet current Ontario safety and fire codes?
  • Does the reliability of the device and the consequence of failure pose an unacceptable safety and liability risk?


  • Will upgrading to a newer elevator significantly reduce your energy costs?
  • Will the short-term costs to refurbish parts exceed the life cycle cost of complete replacement?

Efficiency of Operations

  • Is it getting difficult or expensive to find spare parts for your device? Or is it hard to find technicians who can properly repair and maintain it?
  • Has the number and expense of service calls increased over the past 12 months?
  • Is the performance of your unit unacceptable? Will repairs or replacing components not lead to acceptable performance?
  • Is your controller technology out of date? Upgrading from a relay-logic system to a computerized controller can decrease wait times by 10-15%.

Tenant Satisfaction and Safety

  • Does the condition of your elevator deter potential tenants from moving into your building?
  • Are tenants frustrated by the length of time they wait for an elevator, or by the frequency of break-downs, causing them to consider relocating?
  • Are elevator malfunctions causing potential safety issues?
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