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A regularly maintained elevator is safe, reliable, and less susceptible to malfunctions. Proper elevator maintenance involves a detailed series of checks and tests to ensure the unit functions as it should, and to diagnose any imperative repairs or improvements. Early detection reduces overall repair costs and increases the longevity of the unit.

We offer a full range of elevator maintenance options to all building types and elevator models, with service and maintenance recommendations based on our clients’ needs. Our experts work safely and efficiently, and proactively provide our clients with the information they need to make key decisions regarding their elevator service.
All of our maintenance packages can be customized for your needs. Inclusions range from:

Maintenance Consulting

  • Testing, analyzing, and assessing the unique challenges of the project
  • A tailored elevator maintenance plan to keep your elevators operating properly

All-Inclusive Maintenance

  • Regularly scheduled elevator maintenance based on your needs
  • Oil and greasing
  • Inspection and repairs to major elevator components
  • Any service calls outside regular business hours

Partial Inclusive Maintenance

  • Oil and greasing
  • Regular maintenance
  • Repairs to elevator components
  • Service calls made during regular business hours

Inspection, Oil, and Greases

  • Inspecting the elevator to comply with building codes
  • Cleaning and lubricating elevator components
  • Performing minor adjustments to increase performance
  • Typical elevator services include:
  • Repairs
  • Emergency and Trouble Call Outs
  • Diagnostics
  • Testing
  • Minor Upgrades
  • Small Retro-Fits
  • Push Buttons
  • Car Panels
  • Door Replacement
  • Part replacement
  • Safety Devices
  • Single Component Upgrades