Should you choose to employ our services, the entire spectrum of our expertise, knowledge and experience will be at your disposal; providing you with the very best of representation in all matters related to your specific elevator project. To avoid any conflict of interest, we perform elevator inspections, consulting, and provide expert testimony/trial research, but do not perform any elevator service or repair work. The following consulting services are available:

Elevator Architect Consultants

Architects in need of consulting rely on Mercury. As leading elevator architect consultants proudly serving NYC and the entire Metropolitan area for over 40 years, we understand the importance of laying the proper foundation for any building project. Architects and designers can rely on our team from the initial phase of planning—the hows, wheres, and whys of elevator installation—all the way to implementation, construction, and regular maintenance.

Assessment of Equipment

Mercury Elevator Corporation provides you with a complete and detailed evaluation of your elevator equipment regardless the date of installation or the manufacturer. Our elevator assessment includes a thorough examination of the elevator equipment and the production of a comprehensive bound report. The purpose of this report is to identify the equipment and assess the condition of the elevator equipment. Elevator maintenance performance is also evaluated. This report will also serve as a baseline for future elevator evaluations and typically contains: a general description of the equipment, the current condition of the equipment, average life expectancies and estimated remaining useful life of the individual components, ADA compliance, the level of maintenance being performed, and evaluates the current performance levels compared to original specifications or recommended standards and system capabilities. Performance comparisons of multiple units would be provided. Deficiencies in code compliance, safety, or maintenance will be noted, as well as recommendations on adjustments necessary to improve performance, Of course our equipment assessment can be custom tailored to meet customer’s requirements. A sample of our typical report format is available upon request.

Maintenance Reviews

Proper maintenance of you elevator equipment is key to its life. We will provide you with a complete maintenance review including the revision of the maintenance contract terms. We will assess your elevator equipment and generate a detailed analysis and recommendations report based upon the findings. We also review the contract before you sign to ensure your new contract meets industry standards, current market pricing, and provides for a level of maintenance that will allow your equipment to meet the average life expectancy.

Elevator Upgrade & Specifications for Modernizations

Specifications for modernization work can be produced based on information obtained in the Elevator Equipment Assessment. We work with the elevator owner to determine the extent of work to be performed, and assist them in finding qualified bidders. The specifications can be provided directly or incorporated into a complete “Request for Proposal” (RFP) for obtaining bids from elevator contractors. Mercury Elevator Corporation will independently work in the best interest of the building owner with the different trade contractors included in the complete scope of the project. We will become engaged in the modernization project as the first step and then should follow the project through to completion. We represent the interest of our clients in an independent and honest manner. The savings realized by the building owners by contracting our professional services will be evident in the quality of the specifications, contract negotiations, and the coordination of all trades for a proper, safe, and reliable operating elevators.

Project Management Services

It is understood that during a modernization project, the main goal of every elevator owner is to have the equipment replaced to meet the current codes and at the best possible cost. Once your specifications are written Mercury Elevator Corporation will submit the bid to the elevator companies, facilitate a pre-bid meeting with invited bidders, and assist you in the determination of the best bid obtained. This service also includes, approval of shop drawings. Meetings prior to the commencement of the work to coordinate project staging issues and review the schedule. Once the work commences, we conduct progress inspections and provide a Quality Assurance Report on each inspection and a final report on the completion of the project. A final closeout meeting is conducted once all punch list work is complete to obtain from elevator company parts, manuals, wiring diagrams, keys, service tools, building department approval certifications, waiver of liens and any other documentation required by the bid documents. We provide everything from a ‘turn-key’ scope of work to a partial project management depending on the level of involvement you prefer.